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Ruby/Rails Programmer [1-3 years] for a full stack role , Chennai · · Full-time employment · Programming

About Actionboard

Actionboard is comprehensive suite of tools designed to provide actionable insights to entrepreneurs and business people proactively and on demand. Apart from this, Actionboard also provides extensive automation tools to accountants that lets them save time and improve the quality of their work.

Why work on Actionboard:

  • Challenging work: Actionboard handles a large volume of data which turns boring day-to-days tasks into interesting challenges. There is also a huge scope for applying machine learning and data science techniques if that sort of thing interests you.
  • Work culture: We are serious but we like to have fun. We work hard but not to the point of burnout nor do we ever do all-nighters. Our team is filled with smart, hard-working, diligent types with a can-do attitude when presented with challenges. We are an intentionally small and agile team.
  • Growth potentail: We have a half-yearly review process where we make it clear what objectives are needed to be achieved in order to advance to the next level. Promotions and pay increases are based on skills acquired and work performed.

What you will do:

  • Participate and actively contribute to the product design discussions
  • Develop and deliver new features
  • Swat bugs that have been added to the bug list.
  • Refactor code

Technical skills are we looking for:

  • HTML/CSS/JavaScript experience
  • At least a year of experience working with Rails
  • Working knowledge in SQL
  • Experience in a Test Driven Development approach

How your growth trajectory will look like at Actionboard:

We are a small company with no bureaucracy where rewards follow results very quickly. Below is the ladder a new developer in our team climbs.

Programmer in Training ( 0 - 6 months experience)

  • Learn fundamentals of developing a web application with rails
  • No ownership expected. No work related initiatives expected.
  • Work will be extensively reviewed. And detailed feedback will be given.
  • Works on simple routine problems

Junior Programmer (6m to 12m)

  • Strengthen fundamentals of ruby, javascript, sql, html, css
  • No ownership expected. No work related initiatives expected.
  • Work will be heavily reviewed. And detailed feedback will be given.
  • Works on simple routine problems but turns around much faster than person in training

Programmer (12m to 18m):

  • Work is reviewed with the occasional need for significant direction or implementation changes.
  • Follows established patterns and approaches within existing code bases with ease.
  • Co-owns a feature along with a Sr. Programmer
  • Works mostly on clearly defined and scoped individual features or problems.

Senior Programmer (18 months to 3 years)

  • Work doesn't need to be reviewed, but general direction may be.
  • Fully capable of taking substantial features from concept to shipping as the sole programmer (alongside a designer).
  • Can provide feedback on the work of junior programmers and programmers.
  • Deep expertise within at least one programming environment.
  • Basic proficiency in at least one additional programming environment.

Lead Programmer (3 years to 5 years)

  • Work happens completely autonomously with no regular need for review.
  • Fully capable of owning and running entire subsystems of work (e.g. entire inbound/outbound Tally Sync worklow).
  • Helps set and maintain professional standards for the entire organization.
  • Deep, substantial expertise in multiple domains. e.g. Design
  • Capable of running and directing small teams for substantial projects.

Principal Programmer (5 years to 8 years)

  • Fully capable of designing, owning, and running entirely new, novel systems (design user activity tracking systems)
  • Capable of running and directing larger teams for large, long-running projects.
  • Invents new concepts, pushes the whole organization forward regularly. (e.g. Report Builder)

Job Perks

Modern office environment.

Apple equipment.

Gym membership reimbursement of upto Rs. 2,500 per month.

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