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IOS Engineer for Softway

Softway , Bangalore · · Full-time employment · Mobile (iPhone, Android, other)


We’re looking for an experienced iOS Developer to join our growing team in India. These should sound like you:

Responsible for developing, creating, and modifying applications as well as analyzing user needs and developing software solutions. The developer will be designing software or customizing software for client use with the aim of optimizing operational efficiency. As an iOS Developer at Softway, here’s what will be expected of you:

  • You have your technology fundamentals: You have well-rounded experience in developing iOS applications in Swift, Objective C and REST API services. You’re able to showcase development expertise using Cocoa frameworks such as Core Data, Core Animation, Core Graphics, Core Audio, Core Text, MapKit, Core Bluetooth, WebKit & AV Foundation. Implementing Auto Layouts is something that comes real easy.
  • You have relevant work experience: Your proficiency in understanding of code versioning tools like GIT, SVN to possessing know-hows around iOS coding guidelines and coding standards make you a go-to person when it comes to iOS code reviews and good understanding in writing clean code.
  • You keep yourself updated in new technologies: You thrill in learning and being up to date in the latest iOS frameworks/technologies and updates. You stay abreast of where the industry is heading towards and keep a close watch on advancements in iOS technology. You will drive iOS technology standards at Softway. Will be responsible for technology recommendations and validation. Definitely tech savy and someone who's aware and follows all the latest technology trends.
  • Are the domain expert: You are adept at making technology work for you by being a technology expert of iOS domain.Your experience in multiple domains will be an additional advantage, as you will know the strengths and weaknesses of each technology. You will be involved in solutioning and code reviews.
  • Additional know-how: You have working knowledge of Software Design Patterns.


If you have the following qualities and exhibit any of the following, we may not be the right fit for you. You are sure to find a better place to work for.

  • You are complacent

You’re confident about your knowledge of iOS technology to an extent that you’re not willing to learn anything new, outside of your domain.

  • You need constant supervision

You rely on your supervisor’s directions and/or guidance and don’t feel the need to update the status of your tasks.

  • You believe you know it all

You find it difficult to accept that a technology/tool has advanced and that you need to update yourself.

  • You are not flexible

You find it difficult to handle late night meetings or project work when the need arises.

  • You compromise

When the going gets tough, you prefer to compromise on quality and settle for the average, even though an alternative is available.



Do you connect with these qualities and skills? Do you have what it takes to be an iOS developer in Softway? Find out.

  • Have excellent Communication skills: You have excellent interpersonal skills. You are good at communication with both technical and non-technical groups. You are able to explain clearly and concisely and justify ideas when faced with competing alternatives. You exhibit strong documentation and organizational skills.
  • You are a team player: You thrill in collaborating and working with a diverse set of people. You will work closely with team members, project managers, business analysts and architects to create solutions for moderate to complex enterprise level requirements in group. Must be able to communicate and interact effectively with management, staff employees, customers and vendors.
  • You are self-motivated: Must be ready to handle projects single-handedly. You’re passionate about passionate about doing research and meeting project and customers’ needs. You thrill in learning new frameworks/technologies/tools. You show unwavering commitment to service and product excellence. Must be able to proactively work to improve individual performance and take full responsibility for individual project achievement or work in a team.
  • Business savvy: You understand key business drivers and are sensitive to business operations and are able to contribute to improve business. You have analytical abilities and are able to develop creative, technical solutions to real business problems. Ability to understand business requirements and translate them into technical requirements. Logical thinking and strong analytical reasoning comes naturally to you.
  • You are good at time management: Must be able to utilize time effectively to complete work tasks and activities that lead to the achievement of work objectives and projects. You are well-organized and use your time efficiently to prioritize tasks.
  • Open to learning: Able to take feedback from code reviews and implement. You have a knack for benchmarking and optimization. You are proactive with a good learning curve and flexibility to learn new technologies / frameworks.
  • Flexible and a quick learner: You are able to work in both group setting and independently and have the ability to adjust to changing priorities. You can architect high-level solutions and pay attention to details. You learn quickly and adapt to new tools. You can adapt to work on billable projects when needed.


We’re a pretty unique agency, and we have clients across all sorts of different industries and channels. These are just some of the types of areas you might get to work on:

  • Websites
  • Apps
  • IoT
  • Cloud

There are a host of challenges that we are thrilled to meet at Softway, so get hands-on with something new, and be ready to learn!


  • A young team.
    By young, we don’t necessarily mean in age. We are changing the landscape in Houston. Bringing in clients that most shops here only dream of working with.
  • A solid roster of unexpected clients.
    Sure we have a few clients who are more difficult to work with than others, but we’ve built strong relationships with our clients. They trust us.
  • An ego-less workplace.
    Well, there are egos here, but none too big for the organization. We all have each other’s backs. We support everyone.
  • We are lovers of learning.
    We push each other to do things differently, to learn a new skill, to share a success. We push you, but we won’t let you struggle.
  • We take work and play very seriously.
    In a perfect world the lines between the two are blurred. We like to keep it light around here.
  • Salary and benefits.
    You’ll get a competitive salary. Paid time off. Full benefits.

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