Web Developer / Designer at a "Calm" company

Zenmind Studio , Anywhere · zenmind.studio · Short-term contract · Programming

Hi! I am Akshat from Zenmind Studio.

Zenmind Studio is a web development agency with a focus on building digital products that are intuitive and human centered.

We are looking for a web designer/developer to work with us on a contractual basis for the next 3 months.

Your responsibilities will include writing semantic HTML, well organised CSS, building WordPress or Jekyll templates. Strong JavaScript skills is a must but specialization in frameworks (react, angular, and gazillions others) is not. Basic design skills like wireframing is a must. Knowledge of Ruby and Ruby on Rails is an added bonus.

We don't:

  1. Celebrate workaholism
  2. Schedule unecessary meetings
  3. Waste hours in daily check-ins
  4. Micromanage people and their time
  5. Work on weekends

Pulling all nighters, working on weekends is not the culture at Zenmind. We work for around 40 - 50 hours a week, treat ourselves to a good day's worth of work and shut down our machines at a reasonable time. We manage our own time and get work done. Managers of One thrive at Zenmind. We value good writers and writing is the primary mode of communication at the company.

We are a remote company and this is a remote position.

The compensation for this contract will be between INR 30,000/- to INR 40,000/- per month based on experience.

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